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Backup Unlimited Domains/Websites/Blogs/Databases Automatically Every Day .

Fully Automated Website Backup Service.Cpanel and WHM Cloud backup.

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$ 18,50 / Yearly!

  • 1000MB HDD
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Only $1 per additional 1,000 MB
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$ 45.00 / Yearly!

  • 5000 MB HDD
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Only $1 per additional 1,000 MB
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Backup Features


Isn’t Backup My Web Host’s Responsibility?

Most web hosts will only perform "server wide" backups for disaster recovery, but what if anything bad should happen to your website(s) or account(s) which require a single account restore? Most web hosts does not provide this service. Some that do will only perform weekly backups and it will cost you to have them restore it. But, what if you just wanted to have the backup file to restore it somewhere else and fast? By using our service, you will have total independence of your web host. You can move freely whenever you feel like it.


What Is Being Backed Up?

Our system will perform FULL cPanel backups (for cPanel/WHM accounts) which will backup everything including all your files, databases, emails, logs, and all your cPanel configuration settings. If you are not using cPanel/WHM based web host, our system will be able to backup all your files and databases.


How Much Backup Set (Files) Will I Have?

You can choose to keep between 1 to 31 backup set(s) for each cPanel account. Once the maximum number of backup set is met, the oldest backup file will be overwritten by the newest one.


How Many Accounts Can I Backup?>

We do not limit the number of account(s) you can backup. You can backup all cPanel accounts you have. Non cPanel users can also backup as many websites/files/domains/databases as needed.


How Do I Restore My Full Backup?

Within your client area with us, you will be able to download any backup file you wish to restore or directly transfer it to your defined server. If you choose to download, each file will have its own unique URL which you can give to your web host for them to perform the restore. In order to restore a FULL cPanel backup, you will need to submit a request to your web host. Most web host will be able to perform a restore free of charge when you are able to provide them with the backup file.


Will My Backup Files Be Publicly Accessible?

No, your backup files will not be accessible publicly by default. When you are ready to download a backup file, our system will provide you with the unique URL for that particular backup file. Once you’re done downloading the file, simply click on the Remove Download Link and it will no longer be accessible to be downloaded.